Our Mission

Tony M Music and Arts Foundation supports achievement, creativity, and growth through the arts by engaging students,  families, and members of the community through programs, performances, and hosted events.

Our Commitment

We are committed to create, support, enhance the arts in the Martinsburg/Berkeley County, WV area.

CREATE meaningful and inexpensive arts programs to students in Berkeley County, WV as well as engaging events to the community.

SUPPORT artists and other art programs in our community.

ENHANCE the education of arts and the implementation of arts programs in our community.

Our People

Jonathan, Chrissy, and Tony working on this year’s schedule of arts activities, classes and events for Berkeley County, WV

Jonathan, Chrissy, and Tony working on this year’s schedule of arts activities, classes and events for Berkeley County, WV

Tony Martirano

Tony was born and raised in Martinsburg, WV.  He is married and a father of three girls.  He was an elementary school teacher for 11 years. Tony has been writing children’s music since 2003. He now performs his original school programs to thousands of children. Recently, Tony started a non-profit called, Tony M. Music and Arts Foundation in Berkeley Co., WV that is dedicated to bringing meaningful arts education and experiences to all ages.

Hannah Martirano

Hannah was born in Martinsburg, WV, but grew up most of her life in Sharpsburg, Md.  When she and Tony got married, they both decided that Martinsburg was where they wanted to raise their family.  She earned her bachelors degree in elementary education and her masters as a reading specialist.  She has been teaching elementary school for 16 years and this year has taken on the extra duty of Lead Literacy Teacher in Washington Co. Public Schools. 

Chrissy Lewin

Chrissy is a mother of four, a Berkeley County school teacher, and yoga instructor. She fell in love with yoga years ago - practicing yoga began as a physical practice, but soon turned into a way for her to ease stress and anxiety. She shares this love with children in the After School Arts program and has seen the positive impact it can have on students.  She also started “Autumn’s Teacher” to build a children’s yoga community.

Jonathan Wertman

Jonathan is a lawyer for Pill and Pill Attorneys at Law.  He was a city council member in Jefferson Co., WV and has been a talented artist all his life. 

Beth Lehman

Beth was raised in Martinsburg, WV. She has been friends with Tony since elementary school. Although she now lives in Honolulu, Hawaii, she is very active in collaborating and designing a lot of the business materials for TMAAF.